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Contribution to the “Green Movement”

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the Artwork on the right is ceramic, the left is Fused Stained Glass. Wrapping One's Mind Around The Year of The Green 2009"“Wrapping One’s Mind Around The Year of Green 2009” was the year the”movement”seemed to take on a face.

For me, that is literally. I fabricated the Fused Stained glass face which appears on the left, within my studio kiln. The second half or other face made of ceramic, was completed during the Fall 2010 semester while having access to ceramics classes and lab within Laney community college Oakland CA.   These two works presented as one with the glass head as somewhat en-light-ened and the ceramic artwork representing a hard head getting lighter from the neck up, is submitted for consideration of inclusion in One Life Institute’s 2011 Annual Transformative Visions Group Art Show /Jazz/Spoken Word Concert, scheduled for Sat. March 12, 2:00-5:00 at Studio One Art Center.  If selected, my Artwork will remain during the month of March. The location if you decide to attend is 365  45th st., off Broadway, in North Oakland CA 94607.  Viewing hours are Mon- Sat. 9:30-5:00 Their contact number is (510) 597-5027.

Hearts are full of Names

Hearts are full of names of folks who massage what needs it to ease our well being.  Many times people we don’t know well are along side folks, friends, family who care at very crucial times.

I continue to be in awe of being an artist with unconditional support. This detail above of a Stained Glass heart is the most crucial component of a public Artwork I began to fabricate in 2008.  As with public Artwork maintenance is important.  The heart will be reinserted into the cavity that awaits it on the Steel and Repurposed forms that comprise a butterfly gate located at 920 Peralta St., off 10th st. in West Oakland, CA

Author: Tōmye : Living Artist

There's the need to stay focused, organized and deliberate, to enhance connections, community and personal projects and remain healthy in every possible way! I enjoy framing items, painting portraits, fabricating fused glass objects, projecting a positive public persona all told, giving people the best I have to offer. Sharing my talents by tutoring youth & adults and counseling visual Artists, uplifts me as well. I very much like and reference Classic & Contemporary Arts of a multitude of cultures. Here's to self care and care for others!

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