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In bed since realizing I could in the morning, Easter morning, stay under the cover longer. The puzzle motif on the top cover, levitated with help from my kicks.  The warmth during my many interlocking to-dos during sleep, was to much.  My second internal buzzer went off.  Umm, 7:45, that’s a better fit with a day off.  The regular time on a work day to get up is 6:00 AM. What to do, what to do, what to start off with.  Okay, there’s the fun of creating a collage to cover my job notations book. Then a repair to my phone book with a smaller collage.  Oh! I arranged to offer a Collage workshop at a senior living site during the first part of May.  I was requested to create a flyer to  encourage folks to participate. Collage flyer it is.

Took a break for a meal of beans and veggies. While that was stir-frying, pieces of glass were placed together like a puzzle to vitrify in the kiln. Checked my email, and a Call for Art shifted my thoughts. Oh, deadline is to receive jpegs by Tues.,at 5:00 PM. Dare I shift efforts or stay within the ease of the day.  I decide to compile a list of what to purchase, when I’m out tomorrow. That will be either before or after my 6 hours shift.

I’m enjoying being at home.  Perhaps a thoughtfully good dialogue movie is on the tv.  Those things always provide a stimulating backdrop to what I’m doing. ION Life or KQED fits the list. Next, I shift through photos of my Art images to decide what will be salable as notecards.  I suspected and now know I need to add a box of blank cards to my purchases. I’m meeting a friend on Tues. and before our getting together, I will stop in a bookstore and inquire about having my notecards available there. Well, I’ve gone as far as I can with that project.

I couldn’t wait until 8:00PM to view the cooled glass in the kiln. At 5:30 I peeked. Not sure why I did that.  Opening up to soon and to wide would cause the cooler room air to cause cracking. Well, I want the puzzle of this day to remain intact. This writing to add to my blog, is a nice diversion that needs to cease.  I’ve got to seriously get ready for tomorrow.  Have a good evening.


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Author: Tōmye : Living Artist

There's the need to stay focused, organized and deliberate, to enhance connections, community and personal projects and remain healthy in every possible way! I enjoy framing items, painting portraits, fabricating fused glass objects, projecting a positive public persona all told, giving people the best I have to offer. Sharing my talents by tutoring youth & adults and counseling visual Artists, uplifts me as well. I very much like and reference Classic & Contemporary Arts of a multitude of cultures. Here's to self care and care for others!

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