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…rulers are rethinking albeit deliberately slow, how centuries old rules need changing.

“Chess Is Mere Child’s Play” among other images of chess players I’ve painted, follow the rule that white pieces move first.

While I was teaching the game of chess to middle schoolers, they asked me why that rule exists. I thought about it. I’d never given thought to this rule until then. The then was 4 years ago. Thinking further back, when I was in middle school, I accepted all rules. First move has the advantage, if you don’t waste it.

Suggestion of a new rule. How about a toss of a coin and the person correctly identifying their choice, chooses the color of pieces to play with. Full disclosure, most of the middle schoolers I was teaching are Latin American. Yes, it’s time for changes.

“Chess Is Mere Child’s Play” Gouache 24″h x 30″w Artist Collection (for Sale)

When I saw these youngsters playing in the children’s room of the main library, I thought of the ease of learning various things, when you’re young. Languages, humane behavior, respecting others especially elders, etc.,etc.,etc.

“Consider The Right Move” Gouache 18″h x 24″w Artist Collection (for sale)

These men were playing chess in the adult section of the library. Their countennace is much more serious than the youngsters. They have more experiences to determine.

“If It Were My Play” Gouache 24″h x 30″w Artist Collection (for sale)

The onlooker, can marvel and surmise what he will. The intent principal players concentrate on their strategies. The empty chair balances the composition.

You’re welcome to inquire about the availability of the Gouache paintings, prints of them or commission an image. (tomyegouache@sonic.net) (510)-823-9150

Author: Tōmye : Living Artist

There's the need to stay focused, organized and deliberate, to enhance connections, community and personal projects and remain healthy in every possible way! I enjoy framing items, painting portraits, fabricating fused glass objects, projecting a positive public persona all told, giving people the best I have to offer. Sharing my talents by tutoring youth & adults and counseling visual Artists, uplifts me as well. I very much like and reference Classic & Contemporary Arts of a multitude of cultures. Here's to self care and care for others!

3 thoughts on “Albeit

  1. Tomye – these are exquisite paintings that are so sensitively executed bringing me right into each game. Also appreciate the commentary of the outdated rules – children are often more astute and wise than adults – and like your very fair method of changing them with the flip of a coin and that person chooses white or black. Thank you so much for sharing this! Cheers! Ruth

  2. Wonderful paintings! You capture the essence of playing chess. Your commentary brought up something that I never thought about. I wonder if there is any lore about why white was chosen to go first? Rules exist for a reason, however sometimes they have to be challenged when they no longer meet the need society’s needs.

  3. Love, love, love Vicki Gunter Clay . artist

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