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Encouraging Art Engagement

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Framing Someone

B/W has a striking presence of fond memories

precious items worth seeing displayed

1. A very traditional approach of adding the illusion of more space to the background of the photograph is to select a mat color or value of a color very similar to the background.  The front of the charcoal grey wood frame,  has a substantial weight to give a sense of proportion to the scale of the image, in this case a portrait.                            

2.  What’s poignant to you is personal. Remain comfortable with what you select as a 3D item to have framed in a shadow box.  We’ll discuss in what manner and size you’d like to have the item, matted, the color surrounding the item, whether I cut a board or also cover it with fabric, and frame your item in wood, metal, clear acrylic box, or create something unusual.    

childs drawing

3. Encouraging your child to continue their creative talent, is a fondness never forgotten.  I speak from the experience of my parents allowing me the indulgence to create Art since the age of six.  There is nothing that replaces a love which allows a child to be continuously nourished, whether they stick with their interests or it often shifts.

dried flower petals line the mat within a handmade triangular painted wood frame  

handmade frames of unusual shapes

antique frames lend themselves to images taken long ago

antique frames lend themselves to images taken long ago

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Rate Chart

Forty Three Artists at the Pavillion, formerly known as Barnes and Nobles, 90 Jack London Sq., first 2 weekends of June 11-5 PM

Here is some vital purchasing info …It will provide a heads-up when you see my Artworks as a participant with 42 other Artists in the Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios that happens all about the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties of California …Sat./Sun. June 4, 5 & 11, 12 from 11:00-5:00 at The Pavillion, previously the site of Barnes and Nobles in Jack London Square, 90 Broadway St. in Jack London Square in Oakland, 94607… I plan to have forsale, Original Gouache Paintings, l Fused Glass Jewelry, Stained Glass Artworks, Photo Prints, Offset Prints and Notecards.  

Commissions a room mural or theme paintings that can be mounted in a specific room.

Gouache Painting on Acid Free Museum Board


About Pro Arts (from their website)
AboutPro Arts supports the arts within communities by serving the ongoing needs of artists.  Pro Arts provides critical access to contemporary art in the region and serves as a regional hub for arts activities, independent curated exhibitions, advocacy, and capacity-building artist services. Pro Arts’ visual arts programming showcases the best new work made in the Oakland/Bay Area, including cutting-edge, risk-taking contemporary art, and important works by artists representing under-served populations and communities of color, and working artists. Pro Arts provides fiscal sponsorship to artists and professional services matching artists with community partners.  Additionally, Pro Arts’ Youth Fellows program integrates arts education, exhibitions, arts training, and youth development.  Last year Pro Arts exhibited 690 artists and produced 62 events drawing an annual audience of 72,000.

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Renditions of Figures

I have enjoyed teaching figure drawing since 1996 at Studio One Art Center, a City of Oakland, Office of Parks and Recreation facility.  I also continue to sit in figure drawing sessions and make ink renderings.  Developing ink drawings into Gouache Paintings, dubbed Linear Art, is done in my studio.  It is an easy process to teach in a Basic Painting class at the Malonga.  This class doesn’t include drawing models. To obtain more info please ask for Tomye’ (toe-may) by calling (510) 238-2786 the number at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, where I currently work.  When leaving a voice mail, please leave your contact info.

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Instrumental Images


I’m so darn inquisitive about how to create anything that is appreciated and very fortunate to be able to.  I have an artistic life that I feel is a gift.  I continue to be enriched with each new audience’s admiration for my abilities. This is of course in the context of an exhibiting artist. I intertwine the term audience and community.  Community can and has been people who request me to present my art.  Many individuals depending on the community, know me to use only one specific media.  I’m primarily known as a painter. I’ve gone the typical elementary school route of finger paint, tempera and by college, how to paint with acrylics and oil paint. I determined that oil painting would be a media I’d use once I retired at the age of 65 or so.  Then I wouldn’t feel rushed to complete anything and could wait out the drying of this media. I tried after college, to use Gouache paint. As a freelance artist I continue to have commissions to perfect my skill of rendering with ink and Gouache. I’t is 25 years of enjoying these mediums, to create more than any other imagery, portraits.  Painting or drawing likenesses is my forte. 

Perhaps the most enriching time of having access to draw extraordinary musicians was in the late 1970’s when in my capacity as a freelancforte, job, e artist, which I still am, I was extended an on-going “job” to create art, by the owner of the Great American Music Hall. I love this combination of hearing music and drawing the musician as they play their instrument.

Fast forward to the mid 1990’s and I became enamored with working with glass.  I allowed myself time to participate in classes in which I could learn about Stained and Fused glass at Studio One Art Center, where I was an instructor teaching Basic Drawing.Creating Stained glass seemed a natural move from a particular painting style I did and dubbed “Linear Painting”  Usually my figurative imagery, more specifically, paintings of musicians looked like reverse line drawings, that is they are pools of colors delineated by white lines.

Now, consider my painted white line being reinterpreted as the leading that you typically see separating each piece of Stained glass in a church window. It is the Stained glass that are pools of color similar to my paintings. Currently, what is more exhilarating, is taking remnants of the Stained glass and fusing them in a kiln.  You have a vague idea of what will be the results.  Fascinating…

various surfaces like a page from an outdated calendar, add interest to my ink drawings.

Are they having fun or what...

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Reception and Mask Making

Give an artist their due; it’s a cultural courtesy, whether with regard to the former Alice Arts Center now named after Malonga Casquelourd or the 9 artists, Brett Houser, Cynthia Butler, Sue Matthews, Esteban Longoria, Paul Graf, Lisa Stewart, Patricia Montgomery, Marisol Gonzalez and Christine Rossi who are presenting  “The Light of Los Muertos ” the current exhibit scheduled through Tues. Nov. 30, offered at The Annex.

Supporters of art, are welcome this evening Thurs. Oct. 28, 5:30-8:00 to a reception and Mask Making workshop offered within The Annex.

This is a wheelchair /walker accessible portion of the historical City of Oakland Office of Parks and Recreation’s Malonga Casquelour Center for the Arts Performance Center, located at 1428 Alice street.  The  site is approximately 6-7 blocks from the Lake Merritt BART and the  Downtown Oakland 12th street BART.

After you get your dose of culture tonight, you’re moved to receive details about classes, upcoming events, rental facilities, call (510)

Visit with Madame Joye

An Installation artwork by Christine Rossi

238-7221 or 238-7526.