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Taking Off!

Peaceful world karma is an enormous achievement

The extraordinary sculpture whose 3 heads face you in 3 directions, lifts a finger to peace. Will someone please tell me the story of who created the sculpture and when it was placed in the United Nations Plaza in San Francisco.

Chinese artist Zhang Huan’s sculpture, which has made its world premiere here, is perhaps the most monumental public art piece in San Francisco. Besides having multiple heads and limbs, the copper, Buddhist-inspired work reaches 26 feet high. Three Heads Six Arms sprawls between City Hall and the Asian Art Museum and weighs about 15 tons–so hefty that engineers had to calculate exactly where it could be placed without caving in the Civic Center parking garage below.

Below you’ll see  atop the sculpture’s finger or so it seems by the angle of my photo shot,  friend Patricia Rusich performing her novel “Color Wheel” with scarves.  I’ve been an avid candid photographer since college.  That’s the SLR, single lens reflex/35mm type, although this shot, as are most of my shots these days, is with a digital camera.

A little background about Patricia. Her vivaciousness was evident as a Board Member when I was Director of Oakland’s  Center for Visual Arts during the 90’s. We’ve continued our connection, enjoying many shared likes, particularly in the Arts. We plan to attend the upcoming 4th Annual Black Rock Foundation’s Artumnal Celebration.  When I think of celebration, one of the most touching high points for me from Patricia, is a drafting table that accommodates my being able to frame sizeable artworks for artists, create my Gouache paintings as well as Stained Fused Glass objects.   Patricia’s generosity “pass it forward” for many years.    Here’s To Endearing Friendship & Support A Living Artist

patricia.rusich@sbcglobal.net    1.2.3 PROMOTE!

The following was a note …Thank you for the update…with your positive spirit, you’ll draw many to join in your wonderful karma…to Patricia when I thought she would be rained out…she performed anyway affirming her belief in PEACE.                                         *     *    *

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