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Q tip not in my belly button

Perhaps you don’t think of Q tips in a Visual Artist’s tool bag. There are substances you don’t need to check the smell. The phrase “off gassing” should be avoided when using, alcohol, paint thinner, adhesive removers, etc. As a painter using Gouache, a thicker water based paint, I use Q tips for spot coating an area. That’s as much as I can reveal about my process. Aside from painting on museum archival board, I challenge myself with painting on the silver plastic coating inside potato chip bags, cork, vellum, slate and mulberry paper.

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Northern California Womens Caucus for the Arts (Art Tag) https://www.ncwca.org/arttag-history.html B’We (7 women Artists) tomyegouache@sonic.net Art Of The African Diaspora / richmondartcenter.org Alameda County Public Art Committee Rhythmix Cultural Works; K Gallery

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Missing It

is not my intent. Self imposed deadlines keep me more focused. External expectations that aren’t realistic, require more discipline to sustain my commitment. Here’s what I’d successfully like to achieve. The capability of a Visual Artist to only use a blog to gain community patronage.

Why would I do this. I reached adulthood during the 80’s, in a world that relied on people speaking often to one another. That is in-person. And from these interactions, there was sharing by word of mouth. Now fingers do the talking. when we care for others

My effort with this blog, is to keep matters of Art Engagement simple. I want my Art to stimulate people. Anyone interested in my illustrative style of personal visions. Many of my images reference activities, nature, peoples’ faces and what some face.

Don’t miss the opportunity to allow time to see the Art I have to offer.


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What’s worth keeping. Oh, the many changes from 2017 to 2021 cause me to pose the question. Uploading an update to this blog, is challenging. Four years, and my graphic spatial sensibilities have changed. Too much creativity with the Mac’s Pages Application.

I’ll read about what themes offer varying font sizes and color, spaces between lines, how to navigate this non-ruler blank page. I’ve lots of images of Artwork to share. Currently, to inform anyone interested, the path of least resistance is to contact me via email. tomyegouache@sonic.net .

Fine Art / Art Services: Paintings and Glass Art for Staging, Walls, Windows

glass paint on fused glass

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” Of The People, For The People “

Food lines, in the best of times, are at popular cafes. For example Aunt Mary’s Cafe relocated next to the once popular, now closed after opening in 1939, Hoopers Chocolate.  Returning to Aunt Mary’s, the address is 4640 Telegraph Av., off 46th st.  Oakland CA. The location is in the turn-around Temescal District.  Once inside the Cafe, the public also relishes Artworks which enhance the environment.  At least Tomyé, Living Artist believes in engaging the senses of people.  As well as smelling sumptuousness visitors can see and respond to her figurative Gouache Paintings, Enamel on Copper image and Fused Glass Slumped Art referencing “Perspective”, “Contemplation”, “Sound Bites” etc.  Such things as these, typically swirl around the tables in conversation.  The eighteen Artworks on view through Tue. Nov. 28, 2017, every day except major holidays, 8AM – 3PM, are worthy of a write-up.  Checking the quest book, near the restrooms, one viewer noted Tomyé Art is “Dope”

You have to know American Slang to relish this comment.

Directly contact the Artist (510) 452-0403 or tomyegouache@sbcglobal.net

P. S. …knowing the cost of Art can seem rich, payment plans are noted.

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Ommp Pah Pah

Music in my head, oh how I love to hum.  Nothing is off key when I hum.  You can’t tell that I’m humming as you read this. I sometimes test simultaneously, if I can hum and correctly type.

Older people can do myriad of things while the world hums about them.  Most prefer low resonance humming, whirling pleasantry.  If melodic tones are not the sound in the air, a “senior” may become assertively vocal.   Keep it down!  What’s with the noise.  Where did quiet go?

Celebrating Healthy aging involves mind calming activities as well as body exaltations 2015 Older Am. Month 4×6 postcard.  Got to go install an exhibit…UUCB 90th with Tomye' and Marion Modena