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In bed since realizing I could in the morning, Easter morning, stay under the cover longer. The puzzle motif on the top cover, levitated with help from my kicks.  The warmth during my many interlocking to-dos during sleep, was to much.  My second internal buzzer went off.  Umm, 7:45, that’s a better fit with a day off.  The regular time on a work day to get up is 6:00 AM. What to do, what to do, what to start off with.  Okay, there’s the fun of creating a collage to cover my job notations book. Then a repair to my phone book with a smaller collage.  Oh! I arranged to offer a Collage workshop at a senior living site during the first part of May.  I was requested to create a flyer to  encourage folks to participate. Collage flyer it is.

Took a break for a meal of beans and veggies. While that was stir-frying, pieces of glass were placed together like a puzzle to vitrify in the kiln. Checked my email, and a Call for Art shifted my thoughts. Oh, deadline is to receive jpegs by Tues.,at 5:00 PM. Dare I shift efforts or stay within the ease of the day.  I decide to compile a list of what to purchase, when I’m out tomorrow. That will be either before or after my 6 hours shift.

I’m enjoying being at home.  Perhaps a thoughtfully good dialogue movie is on the tv.  Those things always provide a stimulating backdrop to what I’m doing. ION Life or KQED fits the list. Next, I shift through photos of my Art images to decide what will be salable as notecards.  I suspected and now know I need to add a box of blank cards to my purchases. I’m meeting a friend on Tues. and before our getting together, I will stop in a bookstore and inquire about having my notecards available there. Well, I’ve gone as far as I can with that project.

I couldn’t wait until 8:00PM to view the cooled glass in the kiln. At 5:30 I peeked. Not sure why I did that.  Opening up to soon and to wide would cause the cooler room air to cause cracking. Well, I want the puzzle of this day to remain intact. This writing to add to my blog, is a nice diversion that needs to cease.  I’ve got to seriously get ready for tomorrow.  Have a good evening.


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Free Collage Workshops

join in creating collages Okay, where are the men. I know there are men who enjoy creating Collages. I’m offering Free Collage Workshops supported by a grant from the Oakland City Council and City of Oakland’s Cultural Arts and Marketing Funding Program. There are 2 different locales, Prescott Joseph Center For Community Enhancement, Inc. , located at 920 Peralta St. in West Oakland, 94607 Dates: Fridays, 1:30-3:30 : Oct. 21, 28, Nov. 4, 11, 18 & Dec. 9 (the dates have been adjusted as of 10/9/11 due to unexpected occurences.

…and within the East Oakland Senior Center, which shares space with the Brookdale Library at 9255 Edes Av. off Jones St. in East Oakland, CA 94603 Dates: Thurs, 12:30 2:30 : Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3, 10 also adjustment to dates as of 10/9/11

…and through Cyberspace. Yes! men are welcome to join the participants, who so far are women.

These workshops are for folks at least 55 years old. The ideas, I’ll provide based on universal themes, is to create Collage Art . Having social interactions with one another is also planned through an exchange & review of each other’s Art. Photographs of the Art, as well as photos of the you while in the midst of your creativity, become apart of an Art exhibit and published book, possibly as soon as next Spring . You will be given the date(s).

The underlying purpose of your involvement. is to enlighten the public to a broader and more positive outlook of Oakland’s cultures.

Ready to Start: Here’s Theme No.1 “Your Emotional First Aid Kit”

You will be asked to write an explanation of what you create to accompany your imagery. This narrative will also be included within the book and exhibit.

To the left is mine…“Water of Life” sums up the imagery you see to the left. The vegetables I love to eat, must have plenty of water. A bit of sun not only warms and converts water, it enhances my mood. Watching plants & flowers grow , reading materials which enrich my understanding, soothing, heart beating paced music and dark chocolate, get me through most anything. I consume Protein in the form of eggs. Oops, I forgot to include black beans, fava beans, any kind of homemade tasty beans. Olive oil thrown in the beans for taste, is the ingredient not evident in the Collage.

The letter n represents the (Neal Family), my caring, loving family . Also the touching female fingers refers to nurturing friends and the well-known God touching Adam’s finger, portion of a Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel Ceiling . My interpretation is that the right hand knows what the left is doing. As a painter there is reference with tubes of Gouache paint. Here are the remaining topics for this series; 2. Cultural Influences on You 3. Show one of your Cultural Traditions equivalent to a custom in another culture worth preserving. 4. What does community mean to You. 5. Enjoy Life Now, it has an expiration date.

Please connect with me periodically with your jpegs of what you created with accompanying explanation.

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Box Art Benefit Auction

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 2011 Box Auction promo

Details: PRO ARTS a Non-Profit Organization and Art Gallery in Oakland Art Gallery; located within City Center’s, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Downtown Oakland CA,  94612

Cotact: Director Margo Dunlap or any of the myriad of volunteers (510) 763-4361   /   info@proartsgallery.org                                                                 Their website /www.proartsgallery.org

2011 Box Art Benefit Auction (for Pro Arts) It’s important to have our Art Galleries in place, especially when the economy rebounds.

There is No Admission Fee, Nada Cost, To Come Join many on        Fri. Nov. 4, from 6:00-9:00 PM, to satiate your eyes, fingers, mouth & ears, nose.                                           Tom Vacar, KTVU/Fox 2 Auctioneer

There is Yes, The Cost of Purchasing a Block of Wood turned into a Work of Art…My 2010 donation “Getting Through A Little At A Time” was the transformation of the block of wood. A Thumbnail that should enlarge when you click on it, appears on a different page of this blog.

A Sneak- Preview is planned Tues. Nov. 1 –                                                         Thu. Nov. 3                tomyegouache@sbcglobal.net Box Art is three weeks away and Pro Arts needs your help to meet our fundraising goals!  You can be a part of this effort by reaching out to your personal and professional networks.

Box Art Sponsorship is a way for friends, family and supporters to make a commitment to support the arts in our community AND show support for YOU! Sponsorships are $100 and allow art lovers and those who love your art to place the ‘first bid’ on your donated artwork. Find details online at http://www.proartsgallery.org/exhibitions/2011_box.php

Five Easy Steps to Sign-up Sponsors:

1) Make a list. Choose five people to support your participation in Pro Arts Box Art Benefit. Consider talking to family members, friends and supporters who have bought your work in the past – anyone who loves the arts and shares the value that arts are vital in our communities.

2) Ask. Many people want to show their support for the arts but are never asked directly. Sponsorship is an easy way for friends and family to publicly show their support for their favorite artist while investing in Pro Arts’ mission. Only one Sponsor per box, over 100 participating artists to choose from.

3) Tell them why Pro Arts is important to you. Pro Arts serves thousands of Bay Areaartists through exhibitions, workshops, advocacy, East Bay Open Studios and more. Talking about how you engage with Pro Arts is the best way of showing a sponsor how their support can make a difference.

4) Invite them to the Party. Box Art is one of Pro Arts’ two annual fundraisers, and it’s a really great party – great food by Oakland’s hottest new restaurant, Plum – plus music by SomaR. Sponsors are acknowledged in the gallery and receive complimentary drinks all night.

5) Sign them up! Print a sponsorship form athttp://www.proartsgallery.org/exhibitions/pdfs/BoxArtSponsorApplication.pdf
Fill it out with the sponsor and return it to Pro Arts. Checks are payable to Pro Arts.

Your contribution of your donated artwork is the beginning of the fundraising effort. Pro Arts needs financial support to support artists and provide critical access to contemporary art in the region. Proceeds benefit arts education in Oakland public high schools and Pro Arts’ visual arts programming.

This is the time to be pro arts! Invite your friends, family and colleagues to step up to be pro arts.