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Excessive Risk

there is great risk when mirroring inhumane blood letting

30 Day Risk-Free, what a questionable tag line. Youth At Risk, is another excessively used tag line. Many of us are At-Risk. No longer do the lights have to go Down On The City, the many cities across this world, to experience the staleness of humanity.  Today is someone’s Hol(e)day, a church goer said to me.  I substituted the letter e for the letter i.  With so many e-this and e-that, my sense is the hol(e) is swallowing humanity.

In daylight, accepting excessive risk, many are perishing.  These are not rag-tag people, whatever that means.  Thorny situations prick one’s sensibilities and causes blood to drip. Keeping the mouth closed is one way to have a clot form.  You could therefore suffocate /choke.

As a Visual Artist I chose to have a human(e) voice when instructing elementary students, youth and seniors.   I’m At Risk of losing this day job, but so many are also At-Risk to lose their “day job” and so many others have. Within every 30 Days many lives are lost.  They weren’t Risk-Free.

Once the last hol(e)day comes, we may be given a reprieve to start anew, to celebrate our humanity with forgiveness, that during each darkness, our enlightenment will overcome.

elements of light/enlightment