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Tweakin’ Stained Glass

Stained glass with copper woven in







combining Fused & Stained glass on various planes to effect a 3D fabrication



Please enjoy the images of my glass artwork…

The decision to work with Stained & Fused Glass was a natural progression from my Linear Painting style.  This is the style of painting I sometimes  use in illustrating interiors or figurative subject matter. You’ll notice it as you look at other pages on this blog.

The look of my Linear Gouache Painting Art is flat pools of color, delineated by white outline.  Viewers  often comment that these particular paintings look like Batik.  A very simple explanation of Batik, is a process of creating imagery with outlines of wax to create a barrier to separate colors which are applied afterwards, to the surface of the fabric, usually silk.

The radiant colors of glass replicate the pools of gouache paint in my paintings.  The leading which is the metal that has channeles to insert the glass so it doesn’t fall apart replicates the same idea of the white outline in my Linear Gouache Paintings.

Commissions for unique windows and free standing sculpture always welcome.  (510) 452-0403   tomyegouache@sbcglobal.net