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Encouraging Art Engagement

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Missing It

is not my intent. Self imposed deadlines keep me more focused. External expectations that aren’t realistic, require more discipline to sustain my commitment. Here’s what I’d successfully like to achieve. The capability of a Visual Artist to only use a blog to gain community patronage.

Why would I do this. I reached adulthood during the 80’s, in a world that relied on people speaking often to one another. That is in-person. And from these interactions, there was sharing by word of mouth. Now fingers do the talking. when we care for others

My effort with this blog, is to keep matters of Art Engagement simple. I want my Art to stimulate people. Anyone interested in my illustrative style of personal visions. Many of my images reference activities, nature, peoples’ faces and what some face.

Don’t miss the opportunity to allow time to see the Art I have to offer.