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on the ground…

or not, depends what is the substrate (type of surface) I may need to prepare before applying Gouache paint. My images are on a cotton handkerchief, mulberry paper, brown craft paper, illustration board, cork, open flatten potato chip bags on the metallic looking plastic side, but mostly archival rag board. Priming a surface allows Gouache to have a better grip to remain on the surface. My bias is acknowledging the beauty of ease in using this water based paint. It is especially pleasing to use when painting portraits. Now, I’m briefly going off topic. The resurgence of portraiture was… a significant manifestation of the Renaissance in Europe. Since the word significance was noted, why isn’t there any mention of women Artists.

Okay, I’m back on topic. Below, is the top upper left area of “A Brief Nap” I painted the salmon color as the ground, primer. Gouache paint can be the ground, primer due to its opacity. It completly covers an archival rag board. Upon it, all the other colors are painted. Again, the beauty of Goauche is the many ways to use it. The hair is graphically depicted, flat colors with defining lines. Her face is more realistically rendered. The technique of lifting previous colors, gently adding colors while the area is partially wet as often as it takes and reapplying the paint results in realistic rendering.

To view the entire image connect with me via email tomyegouache@sonic.net or text (510) 823-9150

Altura Brothers Gouache Painting used as a CD cover