Tōmye: Living Artist

Encouraging Art Engagement


Essence of Presence

Monday July 19- Sat. Sept. 12, 2021

An exhibit within Tomate Cafe; 2265 fifth st., at Bancroft, Berkeley CA 94710

Sun.-Sat. 8:00-2:00PM …

The brief description I dubbed this series is Gouache Linear Paintings.

From 1973- 2005, thirty two years, starting in San Francisco and moving to the San Francisco East Bay area, I sketched every day, everyday activities. I consider them universal in scope of wage earners, sharing innate or learned abilities.

A Rapidograph pen was my favorite drawing instrument. I learned the lesson that briefly lending the pen to someone to use would result in my pen being returned broken. I switched to a ball point pen, which proved to be a tool I could achieve more effects. These images stay strictly as contour looking drawings.

Many times I drew within a sketch pad. If I didn’t, it was the back of flyers, copy paper, preferably any 8″ x 11″ someone willingly gave me. How liberating to release on a surface, what I saw.

Steadying my balance, holding onto my paper while standing in the train is my position when I drew “On The Way Home” and “The Gaze”.

“A Day At The Beach” & “Potter’s Wheel” were drawn while my feet were firmly grounded as a wage earner figure drawing teacher within Studio One Art Center in Oakland.

“What Is a 21 Year Old To Do” & “U. C. Berkeley” were commissioned. Both requests came from folks who’d seen my Art on-line.

“Consider The Right Move” was silently and patiently drawn during a chess match takinng plsce in the Mechanics Library, located in San Francisco. It’s a special library I loved to frequent.

“San Francisco Powell St. Jazz” & “Before The Lecture” are a couple of the dozens of music inspired images in the series. Walking along Powell street, I was moved by the Jazz music and went in to draw the musicians. Being inquisitive, I attended lectures and at one I drew the women who appear prominent and after attending another, added the ink sketch near the bottom. Musicians are magical, like all Artisans, presently called Creatives.

I welcome commissions and purchases which can be acquired after payment before the end of the exhibit. Tomye:Living Artist (510) 823-9150 (text)

Homage to education…
The Gaze, is a blank stare after working all day…
On The Way Home the rider is cat napping…
A Day At The Beach, legs of a model in drawing class
Potter’s Wheel, a student drawn while making a vessel
Consider The Right Move, one of the lessons Chess teaches a participant…
San Francisco Powell St Jazz, a favorite form of music…
Before and After The Lecture, is something I’m looking forward to in person…